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Who is Vidal?

“Practice, Practice, Practice…and when your done practicing, practice some more.” ─ Vidal Gonzalez
I’ll never forget the day I saw MTV for the 1st time. This was back when they actually played music videos. After seeing the music come to life through video, I knew I wanted to become a musician. Little did I know that the journey would take me all over the world listening and playing music for those who had ears to hear. Now it’s your time to be a musician.

Get ready to Unleash the RockStar in You!

Course Description

Most of us grew up surrounded by music. Whether it is on the television, on the radio or streaming over the internet everywhere you look we are surrounded by music. I always knew I would become a musician after picking up my first guitar at the age of 14, but I never imagined that it would lead me to teach others how to play. I was not a child prodigy that has been playing the guitar since I was in diapers, however I did practice and learn to play the guitar well enough that I moved to LA, recorded a lot of songs, performed in front of thousands and toured with a few different bands.

The RockStar Mastery guitar programs are designed for students with no previous guitar experience, those with some experience and those who are ready to go on tour. No matter which group you fall into, you will receive guidance and direction in playing the guitar at a beginning level and will learn many of the different styles, skills and techniques required to become a successful guitarist at any level. We want You to learn and grow into the guitarist that You want to be, so you can be the RockStar of your neighborhood and beyond.

Success Stories

“Want to learn what it takes to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate investor? Look no further than Vidal Gonzalez. This man will put you in positions for you to grow and will be there every step of the way answering any questions you may have. I would recommend Vidal to anybody who truly wants to change their lives!”

-Joey Bricio

“Thank you very much Mr. Vidal Gonzalez, for everything you did for my sister Antonia T. and my husband Roberto López and myself Darling Lopez. You’re a great guy and a very honest person that anybody can trust!! May God bless you today and always. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.”

-Roberto & Darling López