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House Remodeling Projects That Pay You Back the Most

by | Oct 20, 2020

Now is a great time to upgrade that house you bought. If you are planning on selling a property, the market has never been better suited for it. If you have a less than attractive space, why not update it to increase the value before putting it on the market?

Interest rates are low, so that also makes it a great time to remodel and add value to that property. Do you have a space that is not suitable for the market’s needs? Do you have outdated appliances or merely an unattractive space?

Many sellers ask what remodel project adds the most value to a home. There are several options, and those are discussed here.

Added Square Feet

Many houses will benefit from adding a room or expanding a wall. Added square footage adds value to it.

Repurpose Low-Value Space

Repurposing that low-value space can add value. Turn the space under the stairs into a food pantry or a home office. Remove an unnecessary and poorly placed door to improve traffic flow.

Outdoor Room

Everyone loves an outdoor room. A pavilion or deck can be a great addition if people in the area enjoy cookouts and socializing.

Reinvented Bathroom

An unattractive bathroom is an eyesore that will always detract from the value. It is also not an enjoyable place to live. Remove that old wallpaper and replace it with moisture-resistant paint. Upgrade to a more water-efficient, ADA compliant toilet. For that bathroom far away from the rest of the house, add an on-demand water heater. No more starting the water and finishing another chore while the water warms up to be bearable.

You could replace the cracked and discolored tub or shower with a luxuriously outsized spa bathtub, or possibly remove the tub and create a delightful tiled walk-in shower with a comforting rainwater shower head.  Replace the old fan with a more efficient model. Upgrade the cabinet and lighting fixtures into the twenty-first century.

Reinventing a sad, tired bathroom into a luxury space will not only add value to the home, but it will also add luxury to it.

Updated Kitchen 

There are so many ways a kitchen can be upgraded.  It can be quite frustrating to clean behind the Lazy Susan in the corner. Upgrade to a Rev a Shelf pull out cabinet. Revitalize the food storage with a Rev a Shelf pull out pantry. Disorganized spices can reduce the pleasure received from cooking. Rev a Shelf has a solution for that.

The dishwasher may be too loud. It may use too much water, and it may not clean as well as it used to, but modern dishwashers are more energy-efficient, quieter, and smarter. The same applies to modern refrigerators, a new refrigerator is always worth it.

Whether you just bought a property or already have one that needs notable changes to be placed on the market, now is a great time to add value to it. The kitchen and bathroom upgrades top the list on the ROI factor.