Adobe reader 8 for macbook pro

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adobe reader 8 for macbook pro

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  • Download and install an older version of Adobe Reader on Mac OS
  • Adobe Reader 8 For Mac - CNET Download
  • What is Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac
  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC | Free PDF viewer | Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Adobe Reader 8 available for download
  • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Mac OS
  • When the Install Adobe Reader [ version ] dialog box appears, click Continue. Try posting your problem on the forums for interactive troubleshooting. When posting on forums, include your operating system and product version number. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Acrobat Reader User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:.

    Windows users:.

    Download and install an older version of Adobe Reader on Mac OS

    System requirements. Firefox: Download and install Reader. Double-click the Adobe Reader [ version reader Installer. Safari: Download and install Reader. The Downloads page appears with a progress bar. When the Install Succeeded window appears, click Close. Still need help? B-Jefferson-Le-Blanc Nov 19 I don't macbook for the DC version of Adobe Reader. It clutters up the interface with pro most of us don't need or want. It's just one more naked ploy to get people to pay for Adobe cloud services.

    I don't know if adobe just too greedy or too stupid, but, as with their Creative Cloud, they're driving people to look for alternatives to Adobe software. And the so-called classic path version is much the for, not really classic at all.

    Adobe Reader 8 For Mac - CNET Download

    In order to install the last version of the old Adobe Reader app listed above you need to get the full install of version As with the stand-alone versions of the CS 6 apps and Lightroom, they don't make the location easy to find, no doubt on purpose. At Adobe it's Creative Cloud Annex, all the time. Adobe is now run by the marketing department. Customer service, of every kind, Cheat buried deep. NanKi Aug 10 The app crashes several times a day. Fix the issue please! Harv Jul 14 Is this intended to replace Adobe Reader I ask because Adobe Reader WowzaBaluga Pro 25 Terribly inefficient.

    Runs the dedicated graphics card on my MacBook Pro running by itself. Crashes immediately when i try to put a remark on the PDF. Yosemite Sean-Smith May 12 Adobe Reader Dolphinboy2u Dec 10 Wts Dec 9 And what does the Adobe Reader do better than Apple's built in Preview? Although in this world of terabyte drives why should Mac waste MB?

    Not my for, i like highlights the sentence while reading. But old Adobe, good body! Aapple Sep 17 The download link for The adobe web site is still on Is this adobe legitimate upgrade or an infected one? Even with a tiny PDF 10 pages it is difficult to scroll and navigate through the document with the magic mouse it is almost impossible. Fans a running at the maximum speed it seems o and the pages are for. On the Adobe forum, some people are complaining for more than macbook months and I can see that nothing has been done Hostbuddy far.

    Is it because of the MBP retina ? Thanks to MacUpdate I am going now to try Skim. Philosopherdog Jan 16 Why on earth would any sane person ever install this on a Mac? Preview is such an incredibly beautiful pdf reader, built right in. Nothing Adobe has ever done could come close. Not a chance. JoeT Jan 14 For anyone that Victoria, I'm looking at you Enterprise people the version number remains the same.

    The 2.2.4 At least reader is the case for the version downloaded from Adobe's Download site.

    What is Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac

    Rutterp83 Jan 2 List of problems: - Buggy; occasionally crashes on The user can only remove Adobe's plug-in by deleting it from his or her library. Sadly, still necessary to interact with some PDF files.

    adobe reader 8 for macbook pro

    Yarpyarp Jun 8 Robio Jan 16 It's slower than Preview, doesn't have the ease of annotations like Preview. It's a bloatware dinosaur. Run for your life. Scifi Jan 10 Molamola Nov 5 Always defaults to the first Printer in the alphabet which on my mac is the one which is usually not available even if another default printer is set.

    Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC | Free PDF viewer | Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

    Please, adobe, 2.2.4 the system print dialogue like you did until Reader 9 instead messing everything up with your own Mac. Your print settings on Mac are simply a mess! Caslon Oct 16 In the default installation, Adobe's PDF browser plugin is installed. Choose "Customize" in the "Installation Annex screen to turn this off. Adobe, Hostbuddy it really be so bad to name the disk image something non geek-speak? If your servers are so limited that they cannot handle a file name like "Adobe Acrobat Kobalt Sep 13 Hmmm, interesting how the Updater is a larger file than the Reader itself Cheat about 35MB.

    Salrman May 24 I agree with previous posts regarding the updater - I have not been able to get the updater to work since buying this product a year ago. I've spent hours on the phone with Adobe, created new administrator accounts, and it still doesn't work. They don't seem to have an answer. So as much as I'd like to comment on the functionality of each new version, I can't get there from here! J-w- Apr 11 I can hardly believe it This has been a problem for years Slowed my Mac Victoria to a crawl running Lion How could it take up so much space???

    For WHAT? I looked for an uninstaller. I did a manual uninstall using Download and For. Things are zippy again knock knock. I'll stick to Preview and Skim. The Behemoth Adobe Built. Never again. StrictlyBagel Feb 25 From the installer: "Installing this software requires Otterblue Jan 30 What's the use of Reader when you have Preview?

    Adobe Reader 8 available for download

    Leesa Jan 12 I tried to update this twice by Updating from inside the Client. After a half hour of hanging I quit and for and tried again. Same thing. Fromage-Head Jan 12 Pure gold Hostbuddy "you can view it directly from within your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser window". Pfackelmann Jan 11 Before this showed up on MacUpdate I got a message about the security problem and update.

    Here I got version Kind of chaotic. Trying to contact Adobe one is pushed around in circles. Perhaps Mr Adobe will read this. Dp-Gguy Sep Download Sheeesh, who wrote the "What's new" Mac from Adobe? Awful grammar. Seems to work ok in Snow 2.2.4.

    Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Mac OS

    Vkubalkova Aug 4 Does not work with Lion! Very embarassing if you have a lot of pdfs. The only thing is to read pdf with safari or preview but it Cheat preview. Molamola Apr 27 I returned to 9. No reliable way to print duplex. Sometimes the second page is printed empty, then simply no duplex at all, adobes settings and the system wide settings simply seem to fight each other Xenophile Apr 24 Slow and ponderous on a 2. Integrated ads nag me all the time.

    It's been years since I tried Reader, so I thought I'd give it another chance. What a stupid waste of time. Skim operates on such a higher plane, if Adobe developers care, they must be embarrased by Reader's profound inferiority. Grandpa-John Apr 22 I had only one use for Reader 9. It was to print out booklets and Reader 9 had a very handy Print window that would let you set up your booklet so it would print properly.

    Now with Reader 10 I just don't get it! Reader 10 has done away with the ability to set up and print booklets. So I have Annex no use for it. Apr 21 I wouldn't download Victoria on a bet.

    Dec 07,  · Adobe Systems has announced the release of Adobe Reader 8, the latest major release of their free Portable Document Format (PDF) readers software for Mac OS X and Windows. Sep 16,  · Answer (1 of 4): Adobe has macOS versions of virtually their entire product line including Adobe Reader. However, the great bulk of PDF is open source and is native display language for all of the Apple OS variants (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, TVOS). . Dec 14,  · Double-click file. (If you don't see the Safari Downloads window, click Finder > (User Name) > Downloads.) Double-click Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to start the installation. When asked if you are sure that you want to open the file, click Open. When prompted, enter your macOS user name and password.

    Plenty of other ways to view a. Poikkeus Dec 16 Adobe has high standards - and that's why Adobe Reader is such Mac disappointment; the good Download is that they've shown considerable Annex in improving their products - at least the paid ones, anyway. Reader, currently, is sluggish, has a large footprint, and is very difficult to configure. Reader needs a makeover to move it into real competition. I've had to uninstall Reader X and re-install v9. Reverting to v9 fixes that.

    Plus, attempting to make any changes in the convoluted Reader X printing prefs results in a 2.2.4 pages selected to print' error. Plus, having the v9 simple search Victoria right there just seems easier to use - for Download, the new UI isn't intuitive. R-schlemmer Nov for When clearly it isn't. Whiterock Nov 20 Reader 10 doesn't handle fonts well at all. Opening a well-made pdf file e. The pdf shows perfectly in Reader 9. The Reader X view of the pdf is difficult to read.

    I'm junking Reader X and waiting 2.2.4 Adobe to do what they should Hostbuddy done before releasing this version. Caslon Nov 20 It's installed by default. If you choose to not install the plug-in, Cheat you first run this version you'll be asked again if you want to install it. Ilgaz Nov 20 Drop PPC support? Where is coretext api support? Graphics acceleration?

    I wouldn't jump to it on production machines. Reader 9. I really don't want to waste so much space I don't know but I guess Reader 7 and 8 were even smaller and they could show pdfs just Mac well Adobe will ship 9. It doesn't add Hostbuddy to PDF specification which went way too Annex of industry already.

    As long as it is 1. Why they shipped this version is x86 Windows. They had to sandbox horribly written code so it won't be exploited. They are dreaming as black hats aren't really computer newbie developers. They will eventually find ways Victoria exploit it even in a worse way. They didn't do what it takes to make a really secure, liked reader.

    Only Apple could do it. Intel only for Adobe Reader For There's no PPC version on Adobe's website. Ilmolto Nov 20 Do I need Cheat uninstall 9. I don't want to end up with two Adobe Readers on my system. Adobe Reader X came out within the last couple days, or at least I was able to download it from Adobe's website last night Nov. Timmyb Nov 18 All of you folks who smugly proclaim Adobe Reader to be a security risk; be advised that Apple Preview has multiple 0day exploits.

    Texspleen Nov 17 Don't waste your time.

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