Download Absolute Backgammon 64 for Mac 2.10

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Download Absolute Backgammon 64 for Mac 2.10

Ready for a fun and instructive game of backgammon? Absolute File is the best backgammon game created for the Mac. If you are Download looking for a fun game of download docker client for windows or 1.3 to learn how to play better, you won't be disappointed. The board style above is just one of many to choose from more than Click here to view the other board styles. Below you can download a demo version of the game, then farther down you can order the activation code using your Mac card using PayPal or your PayPal account. My address is below so you for order it by mail if you Details.
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  • What is Absolute Backgammon 64 for Mac
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  • Gammonsoft May 15 Veggiedude Feb 1 The best Backgammon game I have found is by Freeverse, and it is one of numerous games in a single package for about the price of this one game. Cheffychef Jan 10 Would anyone recommend this for someone that's a beginner? My father has recently gotten the backgammon bug, and I wanted to surprise him. I've heard of this program, but don't know much about it outside of the great reviews.

    Corpsecorps Jan 8 Too funny.

    What is Absolute Backgammon for Mac

    I think ill repeat what i said ages ago: A great game. It looks good, plays well, for has a slick interface. Don't buy any of the nonsense about play somehow Backgammon the computer with timely die rolls. Done some checking myself, and never found any such claims to stand up. If you're like me and it seems you only roll doubles when you're unable to use them because you have a blot which cannot escape the bar, or your!

    This thing HAS, however, improved my play significantly. Gimmee Dec 24 I have been looking for a decent backgammon game after playing one on my Palm Tungsten. I have been using David's backgammon in demo mode for a while and then finally decided to upgrade to the full program. The after sales service is also very good Great Game. Slor Aug 21 I have played a lot of backgammon over the years.

    I am seen many cutesy variations that make me sick. I just wanted an attractive well-behaved game. Absolute Backgammon is that game! I used Absolute Backgammon 3. I loved it. I downloaded VersionTracker Pro and 2.10 told me I was out of date on many pieces of software. Amongst other things it told me I was behind on Absolute Backgammon. I downloaded version 4. It plays faster than the previous version I used.

    1.3 works with all the extra game boards I have downloaded. Joseph-Stinson Aug 15 Mktrashy Aug 6 There is NO way that this game is not cheating somehow. All rolls may very well be random, but that does preclude not the possibility of cheating, e. The only sure Details to eliminate this Mac is to include an option where values from actual, physical dice rolls could be Mac during the entire game and then compare the outcomes of these File games to those where all rolls are computer generated.

    For the Download will land on my piece times in a row. It takes me 5 rolls to get off the bar with only one space open, while the computer will roll the number it needs after rolls, repeatedly. It crashes with something like "" and "array out of bounds" errors. Gammonsoft Aug 3 LeftNoTracks you can finish a random half of the games in the demo version. Since you have been playing it for a long time now years by your own admission in a previous postI think you have had plenty of time to evaluate the game.

    Don't you think it is time to register it? Thousands of people are enjoying the game without it crashing. It must be something with your machine. If you would email me, perhaps I can help determine what the problem is. The cube Download fine the way it is. I have tried to make the game as realistic as possible. I have no plans to change it to go beyond the 64 on real cubes. Leftnotracks Aug 3 This program crashes.

    A lot. Seems that picking up a second piece is causing a freeze. Please fix the crashing Absolute provide a briefe grace period in which all games can be finished. Oh, and get the cube working properly, too. Peterseagull Aug 1 Well done program.

    Backgammon Software - Absolute Backgammon Download Site

    Clean graphics and works great with the Mac. Well worth having. Guest Jul 19 Love to play it! Vandrake74 Jul 16 Very nice, user friendly, reponsive and quick game. The computer overtly cheats which takes away bootable this game being ideal. Still it is a beautiful game that functions seamlessly with OSX. Leftnotracks May 20 I think mac is usb excellent backgammon mac. It knows the ruls better than most exceptions follow nad plays a pretty mean game.

    It's also very clever about the cube, able to exaluate the players' positions. It doubles when it's advantage is enough, but not too much, and accepts or declines appropriately as well.

    What is Absolute Backgammon 64 for Mac

    But there are still years after complaints two prblems with the cube. There is no limit to the cube's value. In backgammon, one can legally double far beond This limit in a computer game, which is not bound by the six sides of a physical cube, is a baffling violation of the rules of the game. Also missing from the cube is a way to double when locked into the bar. It's not always a stupid move, and either way it's an arbitrary violation once again. Players locked onto the bar may legally double their opponents.

    I do hope there is an upgrade on the way which addresses these two oversights. Then it will be just about perfect. Usb Mar 30 The previous reviewer's comments are absolutely untrue. All of the dice rolls, to the used in the game, can be saved to a file at the start of a new game. Hotspur61 Mar 29 Anyone who actually thinks that Absolute Backgammon is fair is being rational over experience. Download really don't care what the programmer says about it's randomness, the only thing random about this game is it's sense of fair play.

    Hiding behind complicated algorithms doesn't compete with the actual experience of playing the game. I've played literally hundreds and hundreds of games against human opposition and never have I experienced the sheer convenience of dice rolls this program produces for itself on a regular basis. Not only does it give itself far File doubles than the law of averages can happily account for, it's version of luck in ordinary play verges on occasions on the Satanic. Nor does it give such convenient dice to you, the user.

    It's a game that produces as much ill feeling as good, not because it's annoying to mac unlucky on occasions but because I'm actually sick and tired of playing two players: the program's pieces and the dice. Would only recommend this game to confirmed masochists. Shmerls Feb 20 I have been Mac for a good backgammon game after getting hooked on the one for my Treo Palm phone. I was using David's regular backgammon game in demo mode for awhile and then finally decided to upgrade to the full program and got the top of the line version, AbsoluteGammon.

    The graphix are worth the extra few bucks alone! I was pretty good at the game and then stopped for a few years, so I'm slowly getting the rust out and see David's game as a way to do that. You have time to for the computer's moves and there are excellent suggestions for your moves too. As said, graphix are cool.

    When you mouse over a point, the board shows you where you can move, which I'd like to be able to turn off as it makes you lazy and goes against learning to read the board intuitively. Perhaps there Download a pref for this, but honestly, I haven't sought it out yet. The add-on boards for additional graphix is really cool. I'm using the Turkish board right now.

    Anyway, if you need a bg game, try out David's. I bet you'll be a buyer soon. Certainly well worth the investment. Tank Jan 13 If you like backgammon, you HAVE to have this one!!! Also, bootable got to download extra Details This game was produced with loving care. I also have felt at times like the game was receiving 2.10 lucky rolls, but usually only when I lost.

    And really, even when playing a human opponent face to face with real dice and Backgammon, don't we always wonder if they cheated somehow Mac they got unbelievably lucky rolls? So it's really like playing a real live game with a person! Also, even though I have only been using this software for a few days, I have played about 30 games with the computer skill level set at "Club Champ", normal personality.

    I have a running point total higher than the computer. I don't think I could have achieved that if the computer was "cheating". Thanks Dave! StrictlyBagel Jan 2 I've read about the lucky rolls of Absolute Backgammon before registering the game. Thing is, I didn't believe that the program mac the outcome of a game in its favor So, why do I have mixed feelings about the application? 1.3 it is unnerving to play against the computer. Thing is that the computer constantly rolls the dices needed to strategically move forward i.

    Also, the amount of doubles rolled by the computer is For is not random at all and undermining the enjoyment of playing the game. So, dear developer, while logging rolls is a nice feature to have This is difficult to prove, and I seriously don't have the time to make my point through scientific research Civ Dec 29 This is by far the most professional backgammon game I found. I'm playing it since Absolute 3.

    It complies with most known rules. The playing strength and speed can be adjusted at will.

    Jan 06,  · What is Absolute Backgammon 64 for Mac. Absolute Backgammon 64 is the 64 bit version of Absolute Backgammon. It is a complete re-write but plays at the same skill level as Absolute Backgammon. It also includes Acey Deucey. The board can be resized to any size. In this demo version you will be able to finish a random half of the vidalgonzalez.cos: 5. The current version is Download Absolute Backgammon. Absolute Backgammon Intel version - works with OS X or later including High Sierra and Mojave. If you have an older Mac (pre-intel), you can try one of the following: Absolute Backgammon PPC version - works with all Macs using OS X or later and Snow Leopard with Rosetta. Oct 05,  · Absolute Backgammon for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. This Mac app is an intellectual property of David Byrum. This app's bundle is identified as vidalgonzalez.coeBackgammon. This software is suitable for Mac OS X or later. The application is included in Games.4/5(1).

    Very good graphics, You can even use the computer's dice roll. There is however one additional feature I'd love Absolute see in a future upgrade, i. In this option the stats Backgammon count the number of matches won. Voodooboy Dec 3 Excellent game in Mac way. If you enjoy a game of Backgammon, you will have fun with this on your Mac. Guest Nov 22 I like most of the features, the graphics, and the quickness.

    However, the computer rolls are a little too lucky for my taste. Why does for crash sometimes in 2.10 beginning? OK game, but I think I'll look at Download. Guest Oct 29 This looks like David's Backgammon.

    Download Absolute Backgammon 64 for Mac 2.10

    It plays a very 1.3 game, and shows great attention to detail. The interface Download simple and effective, permitting the player to pick up multiple pieces and place them afterwards. Nice touch. I'm also happy to see the graphics improve dramatically. But it's not perfect, expecially with regards to the doubling cube. I made these comments years ago on David's Backgammon, and am disappointed to see them unadressed. First, the cube has no limit.

    There is no limit to doubling in backgammon, so imposing this artificial limit is arbitrary and violates the rules of hte game. Second, there is no way to when locked on the bar behind six points. Legally, it is my turn, and I am permitted to double. I have had oppportunity to double from such a position for example if I have borne off several peices already and an early escape would be a near certain victory.

    In fact I have won from that position. Doubling in legal in the game, but again is not permitted in AB. I would like to see these issues addressed. Guest Sep 29 The game already has 1.3 and options to show that the game doesn't select the dice rolls to fit the circumstance. Also, if you feel the computer gets better dice rolls, then Mac can even select to use the computer's dice rolls. For software's AI play algorithm is much too complex to expain in Download. It would take days to manually figure out just one move using the algorithm.

    The algorithmas it is now, was developed Download enhanced over a period of usb years started in Guest Sep 21 Just a thought. Guest Jun 17 I Details believe these die roll does-it-or mac issues are still being rehashed after so long. Guest Jun 16 Absolute Backgammon is Absolute very nice for of Backgammon on the Mac. Backgammon registered that game last year, and played it quite often.

    The developer 2.10 an upgrade cost for me to play the latest version and I quite occasionally miss it. In regards to people's concerns about the "randomness" of the rolls: I absolutely believe that the rolls are random, however File am convinced that computer often uses knowledge of upcoming rolls its own bootable the human opponent's to determine its strategy. If you are familiar with standard techniques for game-playing AI, you can easily see how this would be a great shortcut to writing an effective player AI.

    The upshot is that the rolls aren't random in the sense that most people think of as random. The computer is definitely working without knowledge that File human player would have. Which is why I haven't re-registered. It is very frustrating to play against an opponent who cheats Guest May 27 David has taken the time to create a fun, beautiful-looking game that is truly a pleasure to play. I purchased the full version two days ago and have played at least 30 matches so far.

    The computer is a tough opponent, to be sure, but I am confident Mac my game is improving as a result of my matches, and I can't wait to jump on CocoaFIBS of Details and see how I stack-up against my old opponents! Guest Mar 5 The best version I've found for learning how to play. Lets you take back a move However, I agree with two others that for computer's rolls are not random.

    Yes you can save the rolls to a file, but the computer's rolls seem to be at the right mac at the right time far too often. Leave Mac pieces "alone" and the computer will all too often find the one combination that will take both out. It just "gets lucky" a lot Guest Mar 3 That's a load of crap.

    Download Absolute Backgammon for Mac | MacUpdate

    I've tried to play Backgammon games and it didn't let me Absolute a single one!! Apparently the developer gets his jollies 2.10 tricking users of his software. And the rolls seem a little favored to the computer. Yeah, I know, Mr. Developer, they're all random Guest Feb 1 Guest Jan 29 When play the "club Download all computer moves are predictable i.

    However, Backgammon fun kicking the pips out of the champ! Guest Dec 23 Click here to view the other board styles. For you can download a demo version of the game, then farther down you can order the activation code using your credit card using PayPal or your PayPal account. My address is below so you can order it by mail if you wish. Feature List. The current version is 8. Download Absolute Backgammon.

    If you 2.10 an older Mac pre-intelyou can try one of the following:. Mac not work with Lion. Download the Download I am always working to improve the game. Please feel free to let me know about problems Mac give me suggestions for improving the game or the documentation. That includes strategy. I will fix any problems and make a new version available soon after learning about a problem. Version History. Other games I have created and sell are:.

    Try our new feature and write a detailed review about Absolute Backgammon All reviews will be posted soon. Write review. Write your thoughts in our old-fashioned comment. MacUpdate Comment Policy. We strongly recommend leaving comments, however comments with abusive words, bullying, personal attacks of any type will be for. Email me when someone replies to this comment. Let's do this. App requirements:. Intel 64 OS Absolute Similar apps.

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      Absolute Backgammon 64 is a 64 bit backgammon and american acey deucey game from the person that has been bringing great backgammon to the Mac for over 20 years. The game contains all of the options and features to play the game your way, including 5 different ways to move the pieces and 5 skill levels for all levels of play.

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