Mendeley Desktop for Mac - 19 User Reviews

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Mendeley Desktop for Mac - 19 User Reviews

Mendeley Desktop is a free research-management tool for desktop and Web, designed for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data, and collaborating online. Discover New Mac Apps. Save money with MacUpdate Shop. Sign in Create account. Today's deals. Best Apps.
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  • After evaluating Zotero, I committed myself to the browser-based research assistant. It was a big step for me. It all happened so fast.

    Mendeley Desktop for Mac - 19 User Reviews

    Needless to say, when I heard about Mendeley, I was curious, but sceptical. Certainly, I had heard good things about its academic social network, but would I have to start over? And, if not, how much trouble would it be to integrate Mendeley into my workflow? Mendeley makes promiscuous research awfully enticing. In fact, I was prompted to sync my Zotero library upon launching the application.

    The word sync, not import, is a crucial distinction: Because Mendeley synchronises with my Zotero, I can add books and articles to Zotero and they automatically appear in Mendeley the reverse, however, is not true.

    Mendeley Desktop Mac - Download

    Mendeley can also watch a folder for new documents for example a Downloads folder. It took three attempts to complete synchronisation. This would be less of an issue if synchronisation did not prevent sharing or accessing shared folders. Fortunately, the cloud is voluminous for a free service: A gigabyte of online storage goes a long way with PDFs and Word documents. Mendeley reproduced my Zotero folder hierarchy.

    I added folders within folders to see if the software would scale to the demands of a larger research project. While the applications lags more than it ought to note that I tested it on a two-year-old MacBook ProI have no complaints about the elegant user interface. Adding new documents is as simple as dragging onto folders. Mendeley captures metadata from PDFs and accepts notes, tags, and keywords — all of which are searchable.

    Mendeley offers two kinds of groups: Public ideal for reading lists and private perfect for sharing sources, references, or drafts of living projects.

    Mendeley Desktop for Mac - 19 User Reviews

    This may sound stingy, but do not forget the copious online storage a gigabyte and baroque folder hierarchies. Users are required to register a free account with Mendeley website to be leopard to download and access Mendeley Desktop. Registration is necessary because you will want to access the immense library of scientific works, upload yours, and, what is more important, synchronize your library across your devices, and with other compatible libraries, such as Zotero and BibTex.

    As you sign up, snow will be asked your bit, password, field of study and degree. Once you verify your email address, iso get access to your online Dashboard mac the browser and can integrate the Add to Mendeley plugin, which allows you to easily add publications from outside Mendeley to your Mendeley library.

    Interface Both web and desktop interfaces are intuitive and easy to navigate.

    Mendeley Desktop Download for Mac / Old Versions /

    The toolbar and navigation panel resemble email clients. One of the nifty features is synchronization with your Desktop and external libraries. The Desktop interface is intuitive and simplistic, although attractive. With the overwhelming amount of functions and options, you do not want to be distracted with stripy or starry interface.

    Mendeley Desktop 1.19.4

    Interface for software of this kind must be functional and simple, and Mendeley developers did a great job here. You can add your documents; you can search the online library for thousands of published articles in various scientific fields. Irrespective of your field of study, you can search for works in any area, making it a gold mine for students who do their term papers by diligent research rather than outsourcing the job on freelance websites. There are video tutorials and tips wizard for newbies.

    Download Mendeley Desktop free

    Mendeley, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allows you to invite collaborators to work on a project in a synchronized environment. Conclusion Overall, Mendeley is more than just a desktop application, or research tool. It is an online academic community that enables students, teachers, scientists collaborate, share and do research in a variety of scientific fields. Mendeley is undoubtedly a capable and solid academic toolkit and a research platform created by passionate developers.

    No wonder they managed to succeed with a free product. Reference Tools. Mendeley Desktop.

    Oct 16,  · Mendeley Desktop is a feature-rich research management tool. It is a free desktop and online database and reference manager designed for academic researchers of all levels from students to PhD’s. Mendeley allows users research, share, edit, comment and collaborate online. It gives access to thousands of academic articles published in Author: Dan Vlasic. Jun 08,  · Mendeley Desktop for Mac. February, 13th - MB - Freeware. Free Download. Security Status. Features; Screenshots; Change Log; Old Versions; Mendeley Desktop Date released: (2 years ago) Download. Mendeley Desktop Date released: (3 years ago) Download. Mendeley Desktop Date released: 16 Aug. Mar 28,  · Mendeley Desktop Mendeley is a free, award-winning, academic reference manager and web solution designed for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online. • Read, full-text search, annotate, and highlight your PDF research papers in Mendeley's integrated PDF viewer.

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